Periphyseos Press

The Periphyseos Press aims to make texts on natural sciences cheaply available to students.

Periphyseos is from Greek "peri" = "about, concerning", and "physeos"= "(of) nature" (the same root as physics).

The crocodile symbol (© M.J. Rutter) was commissioned in the 1930s for the Cavendish Laboratory by the Russian physicist Kapitsa, and is perhaps his reference to Lord Rutherford, the then Cavendish Professor.

On 1 July 2012, the Periphyseos Press published A Cavendish quantum mechanics primer. Its chapters 1-3 are the notes from the quantum mechanics course taught during the Senior Physics Challenge held at the Cavendish Laboratory.

The Primer takes the reader, initially equipped only with maths from their penultimate school year, to well into the second year quantum mechanics course in physics at Cambridge University (chapters 3-5). It is not a complete textbook, but is a primer that aims to introduce essential ideas while emphasising skills and the solving of problems --- much in the style of the Cambridge physics course.

Please refer to A Cavendish quantum mechanics primer for prices for bulk orders (more than 20 books) at £1 per book plus carriage by courier. Single book purchases are available via Amazon (see details on the Primer's website ).

Chapter 1 revises dynamics, from the potential point of view that is required for quantum mechanics. It also summarises the mathematics that will be needed for chapters 1-3. Both the dynamics and the maths should already be familiar to AS/A2 level students. Chapters 2 - 5 explore the quantum ideas of confinement and uncertainty energies, atoms, pair production, tunnelling into forbidden regions, the quantum oscillator and the quantisation of strings and oscillations of fields, higher dimensions, particles in nano-structures, and quantum dynamics. Readers are asked to solve such problems in their full mathematical depth. Many problems are solved as examples, others have hints only.

For more information about the primer as assistance for university entrance and preparation, see its website.